English birth congratulations messages

Hi there! Congratulations on your little baby! Vind je het leuk om een keer een Engels tekst in je geboortekaartjes te schrijven in plaats van Nederlands? Dan kun je hier op Geboortekaartje-tekst.nl leuke, Engelse felicitatie teksten vinden voor jouw geboortekaartjes!

General messages

1. Congratulations on your little wonder!

All the best for you and your family!


2. Congrats Mommy and daddy!

Your little angel is born

Enjoy every moment!


3. Congratulations for your

new member of your family

She/he is the most beautiful gift

From God, God bless!


4. Another miracle in this world!

Welcome baby (name)

Messages for a baby boy

1. Congratulations! You’ve got male!

2. A sweet and new baby boy.. brings you hearts so much joy!

3. Congrats! A little boy!

Get ready for lots of laughter and noise,

Big hugs and toys

And so many joys!


4. A wonderful boy came into the world!

Congratulations dear new parents!


Messages for a baby girl

1. Congratulations on your new little princess!

2. Wishing your new daughter (baby’s name) a long happy life with laughter, fun and love!

3. Congrats on your sweet pink angel, a little doll!

4. A Baby girl is a blessing

A gift from above

A precious little angel

To cherish and to love!

Messages for twins

1. Double blessings, double joys

Twice the laughter, twice the noise

Two times the adventures great and small

Twins are the greatest adventures of all



2. Congrats times two!

3. To your lovely little babies

A welcome warm and true,

And wishes for every happiness

to each and all of you


4. Twice blessed! Congratulations!


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